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VISI 21 has seen a large development focused on all CAM areas including a fresh new look to the CAM Navigator, along with consolidation of new commands for all milling operations to simplify toolpath generation and maintain consistency across 2D & 3D toolpath dialogue boxes.

User interface

For version 21, the CAM Navigator has been redesigned to include a number of process improvements. A dynamic icon tool bar at the left edge of the window has been added, which displays all commands that can be used in accordance with the current CAM item selected in the tree, ensuring only the most relevant commands can be found even faster. In addition, all context menus have also been reorganized so that the instructions can be found quickly using the right hand mouse menu.

Furthermore, the CAM Navigator now includes a separate “Undo / Redo” functionality, which is completely independent of CAD. This works on both feature management and CAM operations. As part of the GUI improvements, a new search and filtering concept has been introduced. Searches can now be performed over all entries in all three tabs one search. Here all the elements, such as groups, folders, operations, features, etc. are considered within the search criteria. Finally, the hotkey functionality for CAM has been expanded for VISI 21 so that any command can have a hotkey or combination hotkey assigned.

Editing Features

In previous versions, features were not editable once they had been reported using the AFR engine. However, using VISI 21 features can now be edited dynamically, even after recognition. For this reason, the properties of the features themselves have been redesigned and will only show relevant information for the corresponding feature type. Within the feature properties, editing of data such as position, height or diameter can now be performed without the need of creating the feature again. In addition, all CAD transformations such as translation, rotation, reflection, and scaling are available for CAM features.

Grouping and Sorting Features

The ability to group and sort features has been introduced for VISI 21. Using a folder structure, it is possible to drag and drop features to best suit the manufacturing process. Importantly, the possibility of sorting features has been greatly enhanced for VISI 21 where it is now possible to sort single or multiple features that are compatible under one another into a series of folders. For example, if there are smaller features or holes under one larger feature then a folder group of these features is created. Finally, there is also a new command to sort the features according to user-defined criteria.


VISI 21 delivers the next generation of tool paths for VISI Machining 2D. As with the user interface, the 2D milling has been consolidated and has a variety of new functionalities.

New Strategies

In order to improve quality, the 2.5D strategies for VISI 21 have been re-developed using “HS Strategies” based on the powerful Hybrid Technology. A new ‘complex feature’ routine allows the user to choose the processing geometry for a feature has a complex form on the side wall / island / pocket.

The 2D re-machining toolpath strategies are another highlight which are now based on the previous milling operation. This means that all areas are machined correctly, including the flat areas of the toolpath. A complete collision check for all approach and retract movements ensures that the tool paths are more efficient than ever.

Management obstacle and collision checking

With VISI 21 all new 2.5D strategies have 3D CAM obstacle management. For example, the 3D geometry of a clamp is taken into account when calculating the tool path and cut out with a user-defined safety distance. Complete collision checking of all approach and retract movements and rapid movements for 2D strategies ensures greater toolpath reliability.

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